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Portraits embody the essence of good life: the pleasure of commemorating ourselves and our loved ones in the beautiful moments of our lives. The name of the site: You Are Art stems from the perception that we are actually all works of art! Anyone can, through portrait painting, easily transform into an amazing work of art and be preserved for generations as a high-level artistic asset with personal uniqueness. You Are Art is a blue and white Israeli business, which aims to represent Israeli art. You Are Art - Portrait Painting website started in 2005 and has since continuously received invitations to paint portraits in various techniques: oil portraits on canvas, watercolor portraits on paper, drawings in pencils, ink or charcoal, book illustrations, book cover designs, digital portraits and illustrations. A portrait is made according to a photograph, which the client sends to me by email, WhatsApp and even by mail.

Hee-Lee Soffer - Oil on Canvas Self PoartraitMy name is Hee-Lee Soffer. I paint according to classical artistic principles and according to the principle of complete customer satisfaction: the customer is the one who decides, according to his or her personal taste, whether the portrait painting will have an artistic character, or the portrait painting will be "photographic" - ie painting a handmade portrait that is a perfect copy of the photograph. I have a master's degree (MA) in art history from the University of Haifa and in addition to portraiture, I also work with book publishers and writers who need illustrations for their books. I paint custom-made portraits in a variety of techniques: watercolors, oil, acrylic, pencils, charcoal and ink. You can also order a handmade digital portrait painting. In oil portrait paintings, I use a layering technique that is a classic painting technique used by generations of artists in art history. The layering technique gives the portrait painting an unparalleled depth and quality as well as a perfect finish. My partner and I are vegan and I am active in the field - I make sure that all the materials I use for painting are vegan, so my brushes for example are synthetic and not animal hair. At home we live with 5 cats and a dog and it is impossible not to say that they are a significant part of both our inspiration and my artistic inspiration in particular.

A custom-painted portrait (especially a custom-painted oil on canvas portrait) is a way of expressing love, appreciation and a desire to perpetuate and improve over the years. This is a unique, rare, exceptional, one of a kind painting that has no second to it! Giving a portrait painting as an original and personal gift, is suitable for a wide range of original gifts and for a large variety of events such as: original gift for a wedding, personal and quality gift for a bar/bat mitzvah, romantic gift for a friend, original gifts for army discharge, a romantic gift for anniversary, an exciting gift for mom, an original gift for dad, a retirement gift, gifts that express love for parents and grandparents, a portrait painting for commemoration and even as a personal painting, a childhood landscape, or a beloved animal.

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It has always been the design of the human face in various techniques, a kind of observation of the soul inwards, a reflection of the personality, temperament and hidden character. meticulous handwork portrait paintings and illustrations have over the years been formal, didactic and ones designed to meet the client's requirements. As a rule, portraits and illustrations serve as a means of expressing a human condition as an artistic and eternal installation. Over the years I have learned from my clients that behind every portrait painting stands a whole life story. Often, a portrait painting ordered as a gift is a landmark and even a milestone in the life of the person ordering the portrait, or in the life of the subject of the portrait.

It is easy to see and understand that there is almost no photograph capable of expressing emotional depth approaching that of a commissioned portrait painting. Order a portrait painting and present it as an original, high-quality and exciting gift, and like the recipient of the gift, you will feel the power that passes like magic through the depths of your thoughts and warm feelings towards the subject of the portrait. This is an original gift that will continue to excite your loved one for years to come! Portrait Painting - Your Special Way To Express Love! You can order a double portrait painting, a family portrait or composition-based portraits. It is also possible to make a portrait from a photograph in any canvas size.

Apart from being a multidisciplinary artist, I have experience in teaching various art workshops and painting classes to children. My experience is based on many creative workshops I have held at the Hecht Museum with groups of children from kindergarten to high school, as well as workshops and classes in private settings. Along with workshops for children, I also teach and guide adults in classes and workshops. These classes offer adults of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn the basics of painting in various techniques, from drawing in pencils, through working in charcoal to working in oil paints.

Participation in Exhibitions

  • December 2021: Michaelson Gallery of Applied Art Tel Aviv.
  • August 2021: Tiberias 15 Gallery in Haifa.
  • June 2019: Presentation of a mixed media sculpture in a field exhibition at the Shavuot Workshops event of the Maayan Art Gallery in Hutsot Carmel.
  • April 2019: Participation in an exhibition at the launch of the Maayan Art Gallery in Hutsot Carmel.
  • August 2014: Presentation of an oil painting in a group presentation of "Mifgash+" at the Ilana Gur Museum in Jaffa.
  • January 2013: Presentation of oil paintings in a group presentation "Creating a Change" in the Anu Binyamina Gallery. Proceeds from the sale were donated to a boarding school for at-risk youth.
  • July 2010: Solo exhibition at the "Mother Language" art event at Tiberias 15 Gallery in Haifa.
  • November 2009: Exhibition of an oil painting in an exhibition of city artists at the Water Tower Gallery in Nahariya.

How to Order a Portrait Painting?

Ordering a portrait painting is no easier than it... All you need is a photograph (new or old), which you want to commemorate as an original and accurate work of art. Send me the photo by email, WhatsApp or mail and choose from the following options: Painting a custom-painted oil painting on canvas, custom-painted watercolors on paper, drawing a portrait drawing in pencil, ink or charcoal, digital portrait painting, or a watercolor portrait album with hardcover and designed cover.

For the convenience of my clients and the convenience of visitors to the site, I have compiled a selection of questions and answers regarding portraits and illustrations. In case you did not find the answer you are looking for, I will be happy to answer any of your questions:

I will be happy to be at your service at any time!
Order a portrait painting - a portrait based on a photograph, and express your love in the most original and exciting way.

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