Portrait Painting - A Classic and Exciting Gift

Portrait painting is a special gift that is unparalleled. Such a gift is exciting and is an original way to express love and appreciation. When we think of a gift that will be extremely personal and joyful, a portrait painting is the perfect gift. Customers who come to me to order a painting as a gift, are usually in an exciting and important moment in their lives or wish to share the joy of their loved ones.

Portrait painting - A Gift For Parents or A Gift For an Anniversary

Double portrait painting Gift for the golden weddingA portrait painting is a classic, wonderful, exciting and joyful gift for parents. When you choose to document in a painting a significant moment from life, you get a stunning souvenir for many years that expresses love for parents and family. An elderly couple who receive a portrait painting from their children, actually receive approval for their love and shared path. This is a beautiful and special way to mark a long way that a couple who has become a family has gone through. As the family expands you can add portraits of children and grandchildren, which will be on a central wall in the house around the main painting of father and mother or the grandparents. The happy and elegant couple in the picture organized a glittering event for themselves to celebrate 50 years of happy marriage. At the event were of course their children and grandchildren, extended family, friends and acquaintances. To mark the most exciting event, their children decided to give the parents a stunning gift that will accompany them on the wall of their home for many years. I realized that this is something special. Such a gift must be perfect, a golden wedding is celebrated only once in a lifetime. Such a gift is exciting and pleasing for many years. This couple knows that they have a loving family.

Portrait painting as a gift for a couple before their weddingPortrait painting as a gift for a couple before their wedding is an opportunity to commemorate happiness and be a kind of home or family blessing, with an artistic character. On the occasion of an anniversary, a couple portrait carries an accurate statement of love and commitment. A couple portrait is usually given to show appreciation for the couple's strong relationship and love. This gift can be given from the husband to his wife or vice versa. A couple celebrating their first year of marriage or alternatively their golden wedding, will strengthen the occasion by a portrait documenting the event and the relationship and is a blessing for many more years of happy relationship. A portrait painting is a wonderful gift for a couple getting married. I painted such a gift for an engaged couple as a gift for their marriage.

Commemorative Portrait Painting

Portrait painting - a commemorative portraitThe passing of loved ones can be a difficult experience for anyone. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate feelings of grief and honor the memory of grandparents, our parents, our friends and also of a beloved pet. A handmade custom commemorative portrait is a wonderful and artistic medium that is meant to honor every loved one. When you are separated from a loved one, you want to preserve some connection or memory. The best way to do this is with the help of a realistic portrait painting, which can be hung on the wall in the house, living room or bedroom. The constant presence of the person who left the family home allows family members to remember him in a comforting and complete way. It is also a respectful way to remember a person in a moment of peak in his life, when choosing a beloved photo that shows the dear person in his best years and health when he is happy and strong. We want to always remember our loved ones when they were in bloom and to look back on them continue to live in our hearts.

A commemorative portrait of a dear family member provides much comfort. Also, I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet. I can draw your pet from your favorite pictures, add its name, special dates or caption, to mark and remember its wonderful life. I take great care to capture the beauty and spirit of the pet in an exciting and unique commemorative portrait.

Portrait Painting - A Gift For a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Portrait as a gift for Bar MitzvahPortrait as a gift for Bat MitzvahPortrait painting is an exciting means of marking milestones in life, in which a significant stage of adolescence such as the age of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and for this purpose an album of portraits of childhood memories is intended, up to the festive moment of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Such an album of paintings is a sweet collection of paintings from the child's life, which receives a personal touch and an exciting artistic perspective. A boy or girl of Bar/Bat Mitzvah age can flip through the original gift they received and get excited about the process of growing up, how different they are now and understand what the special meaning of this special moment in their lives is. The album of paintings is made in watercolors on thick, high-quality paper, decorated and bound with a thick handmade cover. Portrait painting is an exciting special gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, who are celebrating the transition from childhood to adulthood and want to see for themselves the new, mature and beautiful person they have become. A portrait painting as a gift was ordered from me by one lovely grandmother who asked for a gift for her granddaughter celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. The grandmother chose a smiling and delicate picture of the girl in a pastoral landscape and the sweet girl received a rare treatment in the form of the most personal gift, the most flattering and one that shows true love and a family hug.

When we talk about a gift for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah we want to make the boy or girl happy at a crossroads in their lives. This is a birthday that sums up the childhood years, so we offer an even more special gift: an album that contains a collection of portrait paintings from the child's life from infancy to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I get a collection of photographs from the family and build an album of watercolor portraits. Between the paintings are blank pages with space for greetings from family and friends. The album is packaged in a luxurious handmade cover and becomes one of the most important and sweet souvenirs of the boy or girl and the family from their childhood and from the age of Mitzvah, a prestigious symbol of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Portrait Painting - A Retirement Gift

Portrait painting as a retirement giftWhen a person dear to us retires from work or a long-term commitment, we want to cherish, honor and welcome him for the rest of his life. Portrait painting is an artistic and sensitive way of giving a person at the time of retirement the respect and appreciation he deserves. Sometimes the family is also interested in respecting the person who retires from work and returns to the family. A person who receives his portrait as a gift, understands that he is valued and wants the best for him. This gift may even be comforting if he finds it difficult to retire and gives him satisfaction from his career and achievements. One of the special orders I received was for a portrait of a retired co-worker. The man was a manager in a large company and his employees wanted to give him a special and personal farewell gift. The man was photographed at a significant moment in his life and presents an important aspect of his life: he in the synagogue reads from a holy book. In this way the gift became a very specific personal representation, focusing on the spiritual side and presenting the person at his best as he would always like to see himself and as he would like to be remembered after his retirement. A portrait painting gift for a colleague is special and one-time. Such a moment will not return and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to say goodbye with positive emotions, like wishing a friend all the good in the world.

Portrait Painting - A Birthday Gift

Portrait painting as a birthday presentPortrait painting - an unparalleled gift. When we want to pamper a dear and beloved person, we want to make him happy and excited on his birthday. The recipient of a portrait painting as a gift for his birthday will never feel more special and loved! This is a classic and original way to show our loved ones how important they are to us. A portrait painting reflects the person at his best: we choose a photo that presents a climactic moment of happiness and beauty and can surprise our star with the most exciting gift possible. A birthday is a solemn opportunity to document the portrait of a person in a painting that can be looked at again for years and generations. It is a prestigious gift which is worthy of every king and queen, just as it has been done for royalty throughout history. When we love someone and want to show him how special he is to us, there is nothing more beautiful than the gift of a portrait painting. One of the orders I got for a birthday gift portrait was from a young guy who wanted to show his wife how much he loves her through the most personal and exciting gift imaginable: her personal portrait. Such a gift can not be mistaken, when a lady receives such a gift for a birthday she can be sure that her partner loves her and thinks of her. The painting documents her beauty and smile and there is no more flattering gift than this.

Portrait Painting - A Gift For Grandparents

Portrait painting - gift for grandpa Grandparents deserve the best things in life. They have spent their lives raising children and grandchildren and now it's time to reap the rewards in the form of a great gift. Our dear grandparents have seen a lot in their lives and gone through a lot of experiences. Most grandparents are most happy with the gift of the presence of their children and grandchildren, but something special will be welcomed with great love. The best gift for grandparents is a gift that comes from the heart, a gift that they will always remember and love. What gift can be given to them, a gift that will excite them and be another experience for them? Portrait Painting - A portrait is an original gift that will make grandparents smile and make them feel special. This was the case with one of my clients who wanted an original and special gift for her grandfather and to that end she sent me a variety of photographs of the grandfather and grandchildren with a request to unite them into a joint portrait painting of the grandfather with his grandchildren. Such a unique gesture moved me too. Every grandparent will be happy to receive as a gift of their portrait along with their beloved grandchildren.

These stories always end in tears of excitement and happiness.

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