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Love and Other Animals

Love and Other Animals

Anyone who raises an animal in his house, be it a dog, a cat or a fish, knows how much this life partner is bound to, how much love animals have with their people, especially mammals I suppose. Each animal has a unique portrait. Moreover, the pets who live with us know how to express a variety of emotions in a variety of creative ways and we learn their ways. Over the years, the bond is getting stronger and the love deepens and is characterized by habits and unique phrases that are unique to you and your sweet loved ones.

Since we have a number of animals, I have become particularly aware of their unique personality, and have also learned that a dog does not respond like a cat and that there are no identical cats. Each cat has definite preferences, a preferred person, and private ways to ask for food, sleep, love and to be insulted, because an insult seems to be a central emotion in the being of many cats. For example, there are cats that sometimes get angry and attack when they are touched in a spot that is unpleasant to them, others escape and hide. An offended cat can also simply turn its back and sit for hours without making eye contact.

The division between dog-lovers and cat-lovers is common, with each character claiming to be problematic in the other animal. Cat lovers argue that the dog is stupid and clumsy and I think these are typical thoughts of a cat, which tends to look arrogantly at dogs and fool them with its haste and mischief. Dog lovers, on the other hand, claim that the cat is treacherous and does not bind to anyone.

I know this human dichotomy, but as a person who has lived all my life with dogs and cats I have come to the conclusion that dogs and cats are very attached to man and show love, but their ways are different. It seems to me that the cat is much more like a person in the sense that its love is not unconditional. Like a person, the cat needs to justify his love, whether it is the concern he receives, the love for him, and his personal temperament. Like cats, people gradually develop closeness, do not rush to trust a stranger, they are suspicious and sophisticated.

In contrast, the dog, who is more successfully domesticated than the cat, has lived for many generations with man and is "programmed" to serve and obey. The dog wants to be loved at all costs. It is not judgmental, usually does not need time to adjust (except for heartbreaking dog cases who have been traumatized by human hands), displays joy and love unreservedly and restrain all insult and pain, always strives to please a human. That is why many dogs become victims of human cruelty or evil training. The dog’s unbending trust is the embodiment of innocence, without any judgment.

So there are behavioral differences between the dog and the cat, but in my opinion it is impossible to decide which animal is better or more beloved and the division into both groups is a sin for both pets and the loss is for those who choose a side. In contrast to the negative myths, both pets are capable of loving people intensely and expressing a wide range of abilities and emotions.

Another myth is the traditional perception that dogs and cats are enemies. In contrast, I can tell you about a wonderful relationship between our dog who lived for many years with 5 cats in peace and quiet. Anyone who lives with a dog and a cat in one house can see how the relationship ranges from status quo to true love. There are delicate dogs with nursing instinct who love to take care of kittens, follow them, protect them, clean them and sleep with them. Our dog, for example, often sleeps in the same bed with one of the cats who has long since been a kitten.

Although cats seem to dominate the home space most of the time, they jump high, fast and quick to draw their claws, so the dog has a reason to be afraid. But in this way the cat compensates for its size even against a much larger dog. I have often seen cats go wild and hurt stunned dogs who were surprised and did not have time to respond.

Cats are much less controlled because they are not obedient by nature and have no desire to win everyone's love. They are not natural pleasers and can reach places that are not always convenient for human owners. Dogs are generally less able to do so and are left behind in the hierarchy between animals at home. You can see how physical height plays a role in defining the inner classes between them, when cats jump and sleep on high furniture or steal food that is not theirs and the dog stays down and looks helpless. It seems to me that a dog also dares less than a cat to do damage and to contradict its human leader.

Anyone who raises a cat and a dog in his house is rewarded with seeing many magical moments in the encounter between the two animals. Such love between different species is one of the most beautiful and special things you can experience.

One of the unresolved problems with animals is the issue of separation; When we separate from a loved one, we are left with pictures, memories and shared acquaintances. When separated from a loved pet, images are left behind at best and some memories, but acquaintances are not always found to share the sorrow with them, and to be comforted together. Therefore, a portrait painting is a great way to say good-bye and to commemorate and preserve our beloved at its best. So I did to the dog that was the love of my life.

Portrait painting is a wonderful way to commemorate the great love and personal image of your private and unique pet. I painted my dog Luca's portrait with acrylic paints on a large wooden board and the painting hangs in my studio and smiles at me at all times. His portrait painting preserves his sweet personality and the joy of life that has characterized him and allows me to remember him years after his passing in an optimal way and with the thought that I have done one last thing for him so that he will always be with me in some dimension. Painting my favorite dog portrait is to give an important room to his personality in my life much alike people who are important and dear to me, and I feel that his place remains constant in my heart.

I receive many orders for portraits paintings of people, a birthday portrait, a portrait of a beloved, a portrait of the parents, a wedding portrait, and many commemorative portraits, among them dear people who have gone. I am always happy to receive an order to paint an animal or pet portrait and it always excites me to see their important place in the lives of people.

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