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Hamaayan - A Gallery's Portrait

Hamaayan - A Gallery's Portrait

At the end of last week (12-13/4/2019) there was an art fair at the Hamaayan gallery. The Hamaayan is a new gallery that produced its launch event this weekend. The gallery is located in the heart of the industrial zone of Maayan Zvi, near Zichron Yaakov. The gallery is located in an old industrial building converted by Snir the site manager and his partners to a charming gallery, with a massive renovation, the internal space being divided by OSB walls, and the design now includes a number of studios for future artists.

I had the honor to participate in the opening exhibition that accompanied the fair. The event included a number of stalls scattered around the building in the different spaces. The stalls featured a variety of designers and excellent artists who brought to the sale a variety of their works in various materials, including Ilana the potter's pottery, unique colored jewelry by Noa Moses, Mina's jewelry that is shaped in paper that looks like gold, another stall of the golden plant - ecological jewelry from an exotic plant that looks like gold and there was another ceramicist and another jeweler and also a clothes designer, overall a really tempting and quality variety.

Among the stalls hung my works of art and of other artists who participated in a sales exhibition, including paintings, photographs, sculptures and various installations scattered in the gallery with attention and good eyes. The entire gallery is arranged with an artist's hand, dotted with unique and unexpected furniture, assembled built with wink from unusual parts, such as an armchair made of suitcases, a hot red wooden horse used as a picture stand, a large game table used to manage the gallery. Humorous corners are made up of surprising combinations of daily objects, art and games, which combined wonderfully and imaginatively.

Those who arranged the space for the event did so with great grace and inspired heart, so you can find a bluish painting of a peacock above the table full of blue-colored ceramic works. A painting of mine "Portrait with a parrot" hangs on the wall next to another ceramic stall and they decorate each other. In each of the interior rooms, a different atmosphere was designed in bold colors with playful furniture full of humor, and the works of the various artists were hung on their walls.

As a northern artist, I can testify that such galleries are very lacking in the area of Haifa and the north. There is a lack of places for artists to create and even more are needed opportunities to present and hold joint events, which allow hosting a large audience and meeting artists and art lovers in a wide and happy place.

I wish that such events will continue to proliferate in the region and that the Hamaayan gallery will gain a worthy reputation that will pull people from Rosh Hanikra to Tel Aviv at least, because it really has something to offer and the artists who are invited to present there are diverse and good and need the audience at least as much as the audience needs art, a place where you can also purchase good art.

Among the works I presented at the event were portraits, animals, still life, oil paintings, acrylics and aquarelles, as well as a side bag that I designed with a portrait of course, which represents my work perhaps more than any other, since it combines a portrait painting, sewing, fashion and a variety of materials much alike my private studio, which is eclectic and full of various materials, including a sewing machine, oil paints, drawing easels, a work desk, a computer of course, a stock of all kinds of fabrics, modeling mannequin, canvases, adhesives and papers. So I found myself perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the new gallery :)

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