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How Does an illustration Make...?

How Does an illustration Make...?

One of the first works I had in my youth, was book illustration. Between casual jobs from hell like waitressing, babysitting and deliveries on bikes I also had the dream job, to do what I knew best and that was to draw. While the conditions were pathetic; loads of quick illustrations at an illogical time and in the wages of a third world, I couldn't really shine and maximize my abilities. But this arrangement lasted a few years into my twenties and was quite likable overall.

Later on, this occupation faded into a mixture of commitments that obliged me to make a living from other, more lucrative jobs, but all these years I continued to paint and illustrate, usually without adequate compensation.

Since then, I have owned an art studio for about 14 years and professionally create paintings and illustrations for private and business clients. I am already very skilled at working with diverse clients and I'm focused on listening to the client and understanding his needs.

Along the way I also learned a thing or two in various settings and also completed a master’s degree in art history. Exploring art provides me with a rich background for all the work that finally comes out under my hand. Even if my work at the moment is a popular work like the highly sought-after portrait paintings, there is always in the background a long tradition of artists from the beginning of human history.

Beyond the influence of art traditions, I have for years compiled perceptions of scholars I have read and of course especially around the research I have done into my thesis on the subject of Caravaggio and the world of alchemy. Then, I also found the wonderful theory about the artist as shaman (which I wrote about in a previous post), and I found myself immersed in it.

When I create a work for a client, I am so immersed in it, in the object of the painting and the content of the work, sometimes I am really in a kind of trance. It is the most practical craft possible, but I clearly feel that I am in a different dimension and mediate between a vision from the client's imagination and an actual work that conveys content to a third party, to other eyes.

In the attached video, you can see in quick gear an example of an illustration while thinking an talking about the artist as a shaman.

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