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The Man is A King

The Man is A King

One of the interesting projects I got to do was a painting of a young man, who asked me to do a painting of him in the clothes of an 18th-century English king. Such an original and interesting work, which occupied me for a long time, starting from the search for the right dress model, one that characterizes a king and one that will blend in the mind of the client with his personality.

I have often wondered what motivated that man to order a portrait painting in such attire. First special and rare is such a painting that a person orders for himself and not as a gift to someone else. In the framework of the theme of original art, I see great value in purchasing a self-gift, as part of collecting art. Original and high-quality works of art, gaining value that improves over time. A portrait is to me a kind of self-journey and introspection. I really appreciate the client for his deep thinking and wit in the idea.

Secondly it was surprising and intriguing the idea of king clothes. There is no doubt that there is a sophisticated point here, but that the man did not reveal to me from the reflections of his heart. I only have to enjoy the challenging project and find the exact combination between the character's face and the elegant attire, which was based on a king figure from an ancient painting.

Finally I found the right model and combined it with the portrait of the young guy's face. The result is stunning and leaves a dramatic impression. It is impossible to ignore such a painting and indeed the client was pleased and I was proud my work.