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Portrait Painting From Photographs

Portrait Painting From Photographs

Life is unpredictable, we all know that. It's good to know that some things never change like the love we shared and that we share with those we love the most and the memories of good times together. There is comfort in knowing that with some photographs and a lot of creativity, we do not have to live a life of "I wish we could" and rather create and preserve forever the important moments in life. Portrait painting is a heart-to-heart gift. At You Are Art, I will create for you the moment you dream of by painting from a photograph, or combining several photographs into one perfect painting. You can frame the painting, hang it in your home and cherish it forever.

During my many years of work as a portrait painter, I paint by photographs . The photo is sent to me by email, WhatsApp and even by mail - by the clients who order the work. Sometimes I paint face to face, but this practice is considered especially difficult for the client, as it takes many hours of sitting frozen in front of me, almost not moving. In many cases I get several photos that need to be merged into one drawing. The reasons for this are different, for example: in the main photo I can't see details like eye color and other details that other pictures can complete, or the painting should include several figures that were never photographed together, or the painting should include figures from one photograph and the background from another.

The first step when you want to order a portrait painting by photo is to select a photo. Choose high-quality photography. A photo taken on WhatsApp is not high quality and it is better to take a photo with a good camera, or at least one that was not sent on WhatsApp. Since this is a portrait, it is important that the small details be sharp, in order for the painting to be of a unique person (individual) and not just a general (generic) figure. In addition, you should choose a flattering photo that you like, because that is what will appear at the painting and will be on the living room wall for many years. That is why the photography selection stage is super important and should not be compromised. You should send me the photos by email to preserve the quality of the photo.

Creating a suitable composition: A composition for painting according to an photo is the arrangement of the "spots" on the surface. The surface can be paper, canvas, wood, or any other surface used as a base for painting. When you order a painting by photo ,you might want to change something in the photo: You may want to cut out a part of the photo, you may want to add figures from another photo, or you may want to change the background. In such cases, I work with Photoshop and prepare an imaging to create a composition that suits the client's requests. I will send the composition to the client for approval before I start painting. I can create a portrait painting by a picture even if there is no such picture that contains the whole family together. In this case you can send several photos of the whole family, then I'll create a composition, as I mentioned earlier, which is a simulation for a family portrait painting - united in one picture.

Painting a portrait from photos of deceased family members - uniting generations / moments that could have been: Just as I can create a portrait painting from a combination of several photos, I can also combine photos of family members who are no longer with us. In this way it is possible to create an painting which unites several generations, in a kind of artistic version of a family tree. A way to preserve the memory of our loved ones and bring their presence home within an impressive paingin. I can create a portrait painting different from reality, add imaginary details, a fantasy landscape, beloved animals, dreams and thoughts that you want to immortalize and present in your home. You can order a valuable portrait of a reality-creating thought and put in it wishes and sights from the long-awaited future. I can make improvements in appearance, rejuvenate or repair hair, colors or any other detail that you strive to upgrade.

Portrait painting from photo that includes decorations and dedication: Portrait painting by photograph can also include decorations. A dedication is recommended to be embedded as a brass plaque, but decorations can be added within the painting itself, in the background, in the clothes or in the hair of the figures. Decorated portrait painting is suitable as a gift for a dear person.

Drawing a portrait according to an old photo (blurred, torn, black and white): An old photograph can be restored in the painting with the necessary corrections. Sometimes more photos are needed to help me understand what the worn details in the old photo looked like. I can also add color to such a painting, depending on the shades of the rest of the family from contemporary color photos. In this way it is possible to breathe life into the memory of a loved one who is no more with us.

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