You Are Art Website's Accessibility Statement

Updated 12/20/2022

My name is Hee-Lee Soffer and I own the website My website displays portrait paintings that I draw for my clients using different painting techniques, and also to allow potential clients to contact me for ordering paintings. The site includes image galleries, various articles and contact forms. The site is written in three languages: Hebrew, English and French.

An accessible website is defined as a website that allows a person with a disability to use the website with the same efficiency and pleasure as other users, while using the functions of technological accessories which increase accessibility. I see importance in the commitment to accessibility, the commitment to equality, the commitment to non-discrimination and the provision of accessible services to people with disabilities.

I would like to point out that I am an exempt dealer (an exempt dealer or an exempt business is a self-employed person whose transaction turnover is small and therefore does not collect VAT from customers) and therefore: an exempt dealer or business shuch as myself with an annual turnover under 100,000 NIS is fully exempt from making internet website accessible. It goes without saying that I would prefer high incomes which would allow me to make my website fully accessible, so that any disability will find a convenient and efficient solution in my website.

That being said, when the website was built I asked the programmer to do everything possible, within the budget I had, so that technological aids which could help people with disabilities would be implemented and applied. For example, the site is optimized for display in the leading browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and for use on mobile phones; A site map has been placed at and it displays all the website pages in a fluid way, allowing you to click on links and reach the appropriate pages; The links on the site are clear, include an explanation of where they link to, and it is possible to use the Tab key and the Enter key to move between links and click on them. Even in the day-to-day operation of the site, I make efforts to improve accessibility and apply what is within my technological capabilities, so that the site's contents are as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. For example, for images and links I write a tag describing the image or the link; The content is simple and clear; The texts are divided into paragraphs and there are titles according to the sections.

I really hope that everyone will be able to enjoy my website and the service I offer. In any case, if you have arrived at my website and have questions, need help or prefer to have an alternative to accessibility in the form of a conversation with me, you can contact me by the following means:

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