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Kitty's Autumn Collection

Kitty's Autumn

Kitty's Autumn, a new and warm autumn-winter collection now at a discount in the accessories store!

You Are Art is collaborating with SOCIETY6 website. This site is a unique platform for the sale of a variety of items printed in a selection of works by great artists from around the world. Each artist has their own store within the site with its exclusive designs. In this way, each artist receives a small commission from each sale of an item with a print in his design.

The prints are made in high quality that is adapted in size and technology to the model and material from which the item is made. The items are divided into different departments including framed pictures, furniture, home decor, bedding and toiletries, desk design, office needs, technology, bags and fashion, lifestyle.

In my store, called HeeLee Soffer You Are Art, you will find a large selection of items in the various departments and they are decorated with the best of my works. Much thought has been put into designing for each item according to its size and shape. When you buy a printed item in my store, you can be sure that you will not find one like this anywhere else. All my items are printed in original crafts or digital illustration exclusive to You Are Art.

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Wall Art

Visman Framed Mini Art Print
Girls Framed Art Print
Urban Island Wood Wall Art
Cracker Wood Wall Art
Avocado Canvas Print
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In my wall art department on SOCIETY6 website you will find prints of artwork in various formats, including prints on canvas and prints on metal boards, framed paper prints, color printed wall tapestry, prints on acrylic boards, wall racks, prints on wood, mini prints and posters.

Home Decor

Trinity Throw Pillow
Floating Throw Pillow
Avocado Blackout Curtain
Cracker Throw Blanket
The Next Revoilution Wall Clock
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In my home design department on SOCIETY6 website you will find items such as rugs, pillows for the living room, seat cushions, curtains and wallpapers, quilts, wall clocks and a large mural that is suitable for gluing. Such unique items give any space an artistic touch and a dripping style look.


The Next Revoilution Android Case
Banshi Laptop Sleeve
Rainy window Apple Watch Band
Cracker iPad Folio Case
Girls iPhone Wallet Case
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The technology department has mobile device covers and you can choose from a large list of iPhone and Android models, including wallets designed to store the phone alongside credit cards, business cards and documents. There are also unique straps for watches, laptop cases and iPads.

Apparel & Bags

Cracker Leggings
Avocado Socks
Banshi Fanny Pack
Urban Island Tote Bag
Avocado Carry-All Pouch
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In the handbags and fashion department you will find t-shirts printed in different models for men and women, incredibly cute socks and a number of handbag models that carry unique prints of artwork. This is the perfect way to add an artistic touch and express yourself and your uniqueness.

Outdoor & Lifestyle

Floating Yoga Mat
Avocado Sling Chair
Cracker Welcome Mat
Banshi Can Cooler
The Next Revoilution Yoga Towel
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In the lifestyle department you will find a variety of yoga mats and towels, water bottles, rugs for the house entrance, picnic blankets, shades, hiking mugs, wine coolers and drink cans, beach towels and bath pillows. Lifestyle products department - everything that is pampering, full of life and unique style.

Bed & Bath

The Next Revoilution Shower Curtain
Avocado Pillow Sham
Rainy window Bath Mat
Cracker Comforter
Floating Hand & Bath Towel
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In my bedding and bathtub department on SOCIETY6 website you can buy bedspreads, pillows, bath curtains and rugs as well as shading curtains in a romantic or boho style, towels and bedding in designs you have never seen before and can only be obtained here, as they are decorated with my original works.


Banshi Credenza
The Next Revoilution Side Table
Cracker Counter Stool
Avocado Coffee Table
Trinity Side Table
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In the furniture department you will find a stunning variety of unique furniture with exclusive prints, including: benches, chests of drawers, bar stools and coffee tables. Furniture printed in an original work of art is the item that becomes the center of any room. You do not have such furniture yet!


Avocado Wine Chiller
The Next Revoilution Coaster
Rainy window Serving Tray
Floating Cutting Board
Cracker Placemat
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In the tabletop department you will find graceful items for table design and hospitality such as illustrated coffee cups, illustrated tablecloths and tea trays, alongside unique and artistic serving utensils which will allow you to set a unique and artistic holiday table and host in your unique style.


Girls Stationery Cards
The Next Revoilution Notebook
Trinity Acrylic Box
Cracker Acrylic Tray
Urban Island Sticker
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In the office needs department you'll find designed packaging papers, greeting cards, stickers and notebooks and other useful items that are printed in works of art. Items that will certainly to add color and style to any gray office space and are also wonderful gifts for a friend's or colleague's birthday.